Aaron is a rare talent as both an acupuncturist and as a healer.  He is the only complimentary health practitioner that Colleen and I see on a regular basis for both our specific health needs and our overall health and wellness.  On a weekly basis we go to be tuned up physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is the perfect complement to our yoga practice and our ridiculously busy lives.” Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman

Owners, Yoga Shanti

I’ve done distance work with Aaron Teich while I lived in both Europe and the U.S.; meanwhile, he was a continent or many states away in New York City. Don’t ask me how this actually works – all I know is that it does! For each of our sessions, Aaron spoke with me on the phone first and we discussed my goals for the session. Then he asked me to lie down in a quiet spot. In minutes, my entire body felt warm and tingly and I quickly entered a deep state of meditation. In what seemed like five minutes later (although it was nearly forty), Aaron called me to close out the session. The details of what occurred during the meditative portion of the healing were different every time, but I can promise that something DOES happen. He helped me through difficult emotional times as well as emotional stress, and I noticed major differences – all for the better!”


“Shuniya in Sanskrit means zero. Aaron is a gifted healer who believes that from emptiness (zero), there is infinite potential. He fills this space with not only possibility, but tangible change. I have had major breakthroughs since receiving treatments with Aaron, in areas that I have been stuck in for as long as I can remember. I am beyond grateful for the referral I received from my physician to see Aaron. It has yielded true health and healing.”

Jena Girouard

“I have had the good fortune to work with Aaron doing distance healing for the past 6 months. Before starting our work together, I wasn’t totally convinced that I would benefit from distance healing, however the last 6 months have been truly transformational for me and I have Aaron to thank for this. Through our work together, I have learned how to better cope with the challenges life throws my way and to really work through the road blocks that keep me from appreciating and embracing the life I lead. I started with Aaron 6 months ago often feeling angry, anxious, and alone with these feelings. On the other side of these 6 months with Aaron, I feel rejuvenated, hopeful, and confident that I can tackle new challenges that come my way.

Aaron has a presence that can be felt miles away. Even though I am not in a room with Aaron (or even the same city and state for that matter), he exudes serenity, contentment, and compassion that he imparts to me every time we work together. For each appointment, Aaron calls me at our set appointment time. We talk for anywhere from 15-25 minutes about how I’m feeling, what’s going on in my life, what challenges I am facing and Aaron gives me something to consider or focus on during the energy healing portion of our time together. After we talk briefly, we both hang up and I lie down in a quiet place. This is when the energy work begins. I initially close my eyes and think about what Aaron has told me to focus on during this quiet time. I inevitably end up falling asleep, but prior to falling asleep I often feel tingling sensations in various parts of my body as Aaron is working to affect my energy from afar.

Aaron calls me after about 30-35 minutes to wake me, and we talk very briefly about how I was feeling during the energy healing session.At the end of a recent session, I told Aaron I was surprised because about 2 minutes before he called to wake me, I shot up from my lying down position and woke myself which NEVER happens. Aaron told me he had gotten a phone call in his office at that exact time, so our energy work was interrupted on his end and I had obviously felt it 1000′s of miles away. Truly amazing. After my sessions with Aaron I feel a bit tired (and thirsty!), and later in the day I notice that I feel refreshed and empowered. I always look forward to the days when I “see” Aaron because I know our work together will recharge me.”

Carrie T.

Healers need healers. And it is seldom that those of us working in this field find someone who embodies all of the principles we adhere to. Aaron Teich is a gifted man who takes the art of energy work and acupuncture to a level of healing that I have never experienced. His passion for his art is endless as is his compassion for those he works with. I feel blessed that our paths crossed and that he has been a critical part of helping me through certain challenges that I face.”

Stefanie Sacks, M.S.

Author & Culinary Nutritionist

“My appointments with Aaron have become as invaluable to me as my trips to the doctor (sometimes, more so!).  As a health writer, I have a great deal of faith in Western medicine, but have also come to believe (through my research and personal experiences) that complementary treatments have an equally strong and important place in how we live and how we keep ourselves healthy.  Aaron has helped me with everything from managing my (acute) stress to colds and flus. His skill and deep knowledge of his field are matched only by his natural compassion and commitment to his patients. I leave every visit feeling energized, positive, and aligned toward wellness.”

Sara Reistad-Long

Health Writer

My time with Aaron was incredibly powerful, in large part because he was just so fully present with me as a healer. I fully believe that working with him was a crucial part of a greater moment in my life where things started to turn around for the better.  He helped put me on a path of healing and self-discovery such that I now feel like a completely different person. I am much happier with myself.  My soul says thank you!  There is an anecdote about Aaron that I often tell people — he once held my arm and told me to relax it. When he moved my hand, my arm stayed suspended. He said, “No…relax. If I move my hand, your arm should fall.” I had no idea what he was talking about. It slowly made me realize that I had no idea how to relax. Ever. I’ve been working on that. I laugh more now. I’m happier.”


Aaron is a true healer.  The second you step into his presence, you will feel calmer, better, and hopeful.  He will spend time talking to you and getting to know you, making sure that he knows exactly why you’re there and how best to help you.  It is so special to know that he is doing whatever is right for YOU, and you will always feel safe and taken care of.  This experience is completely different from most visits I’ve had with Western doctors, and even with other Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.  I feel blessed to have found Aaron and his practice – working with him makes me feel lighter, more attuned to the workings of my own body, and clearer about my health and my intentions in the larger world.”

Jaclyn H.

I am currently recovering from Stage 3 cancer. The chemotherapy I endured was very intense and really depleted me of my strength, not to mention minerals and nutrients needed to keep the body strong. I have been working with Aaron Teich for some time now and the positive effect of his treatment – both the energy healing work and the acupuncture – has in every way been remarkable.  He is a skilled, kind, positive, and extremely intelligent person and healer, and I couldn’t be in better hands.  If you are fortunate enough to get to work with him, you can consider yourself lucky.”


“I came to Shuniya for my severe back pain but also ended up being treated for my often debilitating anxiety. I was really scared and nervous but as soon as I met Aaron his presence calmed me. He taught me some stretches and tips on how to sit at my computer without straining my back. I started doing my stretches every day and within a few weeks my pain level, which started at an 8 or 9, came down to a 2 or 3.   It was amazing, especially since so many doctors had told me that there was nothing that could be done. There have been major strides in my anxiety reduction as well. Aaron taught me meditation exercises which I try to practice daily, and before he gets to the needle part of our sessions we talk and he helps me to reframe my “problems” which cause suffering into “challenges” that can be learned from. Most days I talk about how my anxiety is affecting me, and by the time I walk out I am feeling calmer and more peaceful than I ever have. Aaron is really great about making the needle part not scary and his obvious expertise on the subject and warm demeanor make me feel like I can completely trust him. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Shuniya. It’s made a huge positive impact on my life. Aaron is a gifted healer. I will continue to go to Shuniya for as long as I can and look forward to every appointment. It’s really been an amazing gift.”

Heather Z.

“I went to Aaron for acupuncture a few weeks before I gave birth to my first baby. It was also my first time to ever get acupuncture. It was an amazing experience. I felt refreshed and energized after our session. Our baby came a couple of weeks later completely natural and right on time! I feel like the acupuncture had a lot to do with her timely arrival and helped get everything lined up and flowing before she entered the world. The office is beautiful. It’s very quite and serene in the midst of the hustle and bustle of NYC. Thank you Aaron for the time you spent with me! You are extremely gifted in what you do!”

Jana L.

“Before I went to see Aaron I hadn’t had any other experiences with acupuncture.  He put me at ease immediately with his obvious expertise and sensitivity.  Moreover, he made it clear to me that I was a collaborator in my healing process.  I felt immediate results and as the treatments progressed I continued to feel markedly better.  I would highly recommend Aaron to anyone facing any kind of personal or health challenge, or looking for concrete ways to improve one’s life and health.”

Rachel E.

Working with Aaron has been unbelievable.  Aaron actually cares about his patients.  He is extremely talented and truly heals his patients from the inside out.  I firmly believe he can help heal anything that ails you. If you’ve considered acupuncture in the past, contact him.  You won’t regret it.”

Jennifer F.

The day we walked into Aaron’s office, my daughter and I were already weary and distraught, desperate seekers of a miracle. At age eleven, half of my daughter’s face and much of her upper body had been devastated and scarred by severe eczema. For three years we had searched far and wide for a cure. Aside from the allergy, the psychological pain had taken a toll on both of us. At the end of our first meeting with Aaron, we came out calm and serene, barely noticing the hour and a half drive back home. Yes, Aaron’s disposition, the amazing love and care that emanates from him, and his quiet sense of humor put us at ease. However, most important for me as a mother, was the deft clarity with which he explained the underlying cause of my daughter’s ailment, the course of treatment, what exactly was to be expected, and a time limit!

Ultimately, my daughter’s skin cleared up completely in a matter of a few short months with Aaron. As if this short time was not amazing enough, even more amazing was how Aaron managed to use acupuncture, cupping, etc. on an eleven-year young girl and still get a smile out of her. No, wait! By the end of our time together it wasn’t just a smile, Aaron had to solve endless riddles and endure a barrage of jokes. Here was the true miracle we had come for. In his magical way, Aaron had managed to bring the mirth back to my daughter, and peace of mind to me. We will always be grateful for the wonderful time we spent with Aaron.

Helen H.

I had never had acupuncture before my sessions with Aaron.  His calm, supportive manner together with his gentle needle insertion immediately put me at ease.  I began seeing him for shoulder pain, which had been debilitating me for weeks and which disappeared completely after several treatments.  Our time together quickly became the highlight of my week and I continued seeing Aaron because he treated the whole of me, not just my shoulder.  Aaron creates such a tranquil, healing experience.”

Judi L.