Through interactive counseling, get clear about what you really want and develop concrete action steps for accomplishing your goals.


Learn how to meditate with guided instruction and experience the natural benefits of reduced stress, enhanced calm, and better focus.


Lie down and relax as your energy is repatterned through Sat Nam Rasayan – a healing technique based in Kundalini Yoga. Restore physical balance, generate mental-emotional shifts, and awaken your spiritual connection.

Schedule a complimentary 10-minute phone consultation with Aaron in order to find out whether his unique approach to healing would be a good fit for your particular needs and goals.


Healing Sessions


Transformative Healing Sessions take place by phone and involve a tailored blend of interactive counseling, guided meditation, and Sat Nam Rasayan.

This unique combination offers a powerful approach for addressing the full range of situations and challenges in your life – health challenges, personal relationships, professional direction, and spiritual development:

  • Facing a health challenge? Aiming to identify and address the deeper roots of your condition?
  • Struggling in your marriage or relationship? Seeking a partner? Stuck in family drama?
  • Feeling dissatisfied in your job? Looking for a new professional direction? Trying to find your passion?
  • Longing for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose? Interested in developing a spiritual practice? Hoping to live with more clarity, calm, and balance?

Each session aims to identify where you are stuck – in thought, action, and energy – and to resolve those blockages so that you can move forward in your life more clearly, fully, and freely.


Sat Nam Rasayan


Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR) literally means “deep relaxation in the name of the Divine,” and is a healing technique based in Kundalini Yoga. The instrument for healing is meditative awareness itself, and the mechanics of consciousness and energy allow SNR to work at any distance. Whether in person or across continents, the effects of this technique are indistinguishable.

In practice, Aaron enters into a specific meditative state through which he senses your system – in body, mind, and energy – and directly makes adjustments in order to balance flows and release blockages of energy. These adjustments, in turn, can catalyze your body’s own self-healing capacities, repattern subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and even positively affect your relationships and circumstances. SNR also affects your immediate experience, generally producing a deep meditative state of inner peace, connection, and transcendence that can remain long after your session ends.


What Is A Session Like?


The best way to schedule an appointment is through my website HERE. Transformative Healing Sessions take place by phone and I call you at your scheduled appointment time.


Interactive COUNSELING

While no two sessions are exactly the same, in general, we begin by honing in on an issue that you would like to focus on and spend the first twenty minutes or so dissecting it. You have the opportunity to share relevant details and history so that I can fully understand what is happening.

The struggles that we experience are often underpinned by subconscious patterns of thought, belief, and behavior. During the first part of each session, we identify your specific patterns so that you clearly understand how they relate to the issue at hand and impact your life more generally. A primary goal of our work is to help you become more aware of yourself so that you can navigate your life more consciously and effectively.

Beyond mere understanding, the ultimate goal of our work is change. Towards that end, I offer concrete and actionable solutions for resolving your challenges. You will leave each session with something specific to do – “homework” – whether it be self-reflection exercises or prescribed tasks that will move you, step-by-step, towards achieving your goals.



After the counseling portion of our session, the remainder of our time moves you inward through guided meditation and Sat Nam Rasayan. You lie down in a quiet and comfortable place while you put me on speakerphone so you can easily follow my instructions. I guide you through a simple meditation involving breath awareness and visualization until you settle into a relaxed and present state. After a few minutes, I drop into the silent, meditative state of Sat Nam Rasayan and begin healing as you just rest and relax for about 20 minutes. When the healing is finished, I ring a bell and gently guide you back into a more wakeful state.



During the final ten minutes or so, we conclude the session by debriefing on the healing experience and recapping everything we had discussed so that you are totally clear about the insights we identified and the action steps that you need to take next.

The combination of interactive counseling and Sat Nam Rasayan offers a complete approach to effective change: conscious insight, actionable solutions, energetic repatterning, and deep, meditative experiences.

Schedule a complimentary 10-minute phone consultation with me so that we can connect and explore whether my approach would be a good fit for your particular needs and goals.