For years, my job as a healer has involved listening to my clients and reflecting back to them, working as a kind of problem solver for a range of issues from anxiety to career swings to relationship questions. Albert Einstein has a beautiful saying, “We cannot solve problems at the same level of thinking which created them.” Offering new perspectives to my clients helps them discover new parts of themselves so they can create more of what they truly want.

Applying this approach to my own life, I realized I had a longing to spend more time in meditation exploring the practices of Kundalini Yoga. One of my teachers, Guru Dev Singh, has recommended for many years that I become fluent in a set of about 300 meditations. In Kundalini Yoga, also known as the “Yoga of Awareness,” meditations focus on developing expanded states of consciousness through a combination of seated postures, chanted mantras, and breathwork.

Continuing to develop my own consciousness is what I like to call “cooking the rice,” while teaching and supporting others is what I call “the steam.” I use this analogy because steam can only come from hot rice. Practicing these meditations for several hours a day, I’ve dedicated myself for the past two-plus years to “cooking rice.” To avoid becoming a total recluse, I also kept some “steam” by continuing my healing practice and teaching weekly meditation classes at MNDFL, a meditation studio in New York City.

All this is to say I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me for a while as I took time off from my newsletter to focus on my healing and meditation practices. My experiences during these past two years have re-inspired me to share what I’ve discovered with you through both my continued healing sessions and workshops, and a return to this monthly newsletter.

One of the key insights from my meditation intensive was, “If you have an itch, scratch it.” We all have aspirations that we are not taking action on and the most common reason is what I call the “something-nothing” fallacy.

Let’s say you long to be a great novelist, but you fear, as we all do, that you will fail. If you don’t take any action, then becoming a great novelist remains a possibility, or a potential “something.” On the other hand, if you actually write your novel and it’s bad, then your dream of becoming a novelist is officially dead, which is a real “nothing.” In order to avoid the “real nothing,” we attach to the “potential something.” Ironically, this “potential something” is, in fact, nothing at all. It’s just a fantasy. Clinging to this dream, prevents us from taking the necessary action to create a real something!

To get past this limitation, we must recognize our infinite horizon. Your current aspiration is not your last and only one. Whether you accomplish your immediate goals or fail, infinite hopes and dreams exist for you down the pike, as that’s the nature of our creative spirit. Our fear of not realizing one prevents the rest from revealing themselves, and we are left with nothing.

So if you have a book to write, write it. A career move to make, pursue it. A new relationship to explore, spark it. An itch to scratch, scratch it—and scratch it right now.

My highest aspiration for these past two-plus years has been deepening my meditation practice. Fulfilling this longing has awakened my next one—sharing more with you.

If you’d like support in realizing your highest aspiration you can book a phone-based healing session with me. In addition, I also have several workshops coming up including Roadmap to Healing at the Omega Institute May 25-28, which I am especially excited about.

I’m thrilled to re-engage with you all via the newsletter, workshops, and more. I would love to hear from you too. Please leave a comment below and let me know an aspiration that you would like to move forward on.

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