I am excited to announce that I will be offering distance healing sessions on Mondays from now on. I have been working with patients all over the world at a distance for many years now, but the increased demand for distance sessions, along with increasing requests for me to teach in other cities, has led me now to make distance healing a more prominent part of my private practice.

What are Distance Healing sessions like?

Distance healing sessions take place over the phone or via Skype, so it saves you the effort of having to travel to my NYC office. Each session is 60 minutes and consists of two main parts:

  • Counseling / life coaching
  • Distance healing

During the first part of the session, we establish your goals and delve deeper into the issues you would like to address. Through our discussion, I help you better understand what’s happening and offer new ways to think about and address your issue.The second part of the session involves distance healing. The factors that we identify in the first part of the session – your thoughts, beliefs and emotions -don’t just exist in your mind, but are also patterned into your energy system. As you lie down and relax in a quiet, comfortable place wherever you are, I “tune in” to your system in order to release and re-pattern the energetic blocks that underpin whatever we’re working on.After the distance healing is complete, we will get back on the phone to:

  • Share any insights that came up for you or me during the healing
  • Review the key points of the session
  • Decide on homework to help keep you moving through the process we are working on

Working at a distance for the past 8 years has allowed me to open up to the possibilities that exist beyond the limitations of time and space, and to work with people who otherwise cannot see me in New York. That is why I greatly look forward to offering more distance sessions in the months and years to come.

Ready to change your mind?

Ready to change your mind?


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