As the echoes of summer fade into the cooler temperatures of fall, our thoughts inevitably shift inward. The chilly nights and crisp fall air make us contemplate things from a different point of view.[su_spacer size=”12″]
Lately, many of my private healing clients have been dealing with stressful emotional situations. Whether it’s a daunting job change or painful divorce, a financial squeeze or spiritual crisis, sometimes it just feels like you’re in the middle of an emotional rainstorm. [su_spacer size=”12″]
If you find yourself in situations like these, it’s important to remember that our emotions are like the seasons – they will come and they will go. You can’t fight the emotional rainstorm – it’s here, and it will rain. Instead, acknowledge your emotions, just like you would acknowledge the rain outside your window. A simple, “This is really hard,” is often what your inner self needs to hear most.  [su_spacer size=”12″]
While you’re acknowledging your emotions, resist the urge to judge them. When we are feeling something intense, such as stress, it doesn’t help to heap on an additional judgement like, “I shouldn’t be feeling this way.” The less we judge and resist our emotions, the sooner they’ll be able to flow through and out of us.[su_spacer size=”12″]
Finally, realize that you are already armed with an infinite number of options for how to forge ahead in this storm. Your inner self will know the best route to take, whether that’s patiently waiting it out, or using your inner resources to find shelter.  If you need help getting in touch with your inner self, I recommend meditation, an energy healing session, or journaling.  [su_spacer size=”12″]
Either way, try to recognize that – whatever challenges are on your plate at the moment – time eventually will move them through, so in the meantime, just watch the storm pass.   [su_spacer size=”12″]
All my best,
Spiritual Healer & Life Coach
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