It’s been a rough couple of weeks in our household. Last Monday, Ethan – our twenty-month old son – came down with a nasty flu that kept him home from daycare for over a week. My wife (Kelly) and I were doing our best to stay afloat – tag-teaming Ethan’s care, cooking, cleaning, and squeezing in whatever work we could get done in between. Then, Kelly succumbed to the seven day bug and I was the only person left standing. Three days later, I fell ill, too, as our family limped along in survival mode for almost two full weeks.

Every parent has experienced his or her own version of this challenging scenario and I know that many reading this story had even more difficult weeks in your own ways – not to mention the unimaginable pain and suffering that people experience everyday throughout our world. Difficult situations are a part of life – they happen to us all – and we generally try our best to prevent and avoid them as much as is possible. But is there any value in life’s difficulties? Is there anything for us to get out of them, and – if so – what and how?

In this month’s podcast – my first! – I discuss the transformative power of challenging experiences for expanding our capacity, consciousness, and self awareness. You can listen to the 24-minute audio recording by pressing play below:



Alternatively, you can download the audio file and listen to it at your convenience by clicking here.

I hope that the podcast helps you navigate the difficult situations in your life more effectively and consciously. I’d love to hear your insights about what you’ve learned from your life’s challenges, so please submit a comment below if you’re willing to share or would like to leave feedback about the podcast.

Breaking Through With Aaron Teich
Breaking Through With Aaron Teich
Why’s It Gotta Be So Hard?
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